Novel advanced scoping meta-review methodology for defining a graduate level textbook in an emerging subject area.


  • Simon Perry Institute of Technology Carlow
  • Norman D. McMillan Advanced Nano Technologies Ltd., Dublin
  • Raul D. Rodriguez Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk
  • Sebastian Mackowski Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
  • Evgeniya Sheremet Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk
  • Monika Fleischer Institute for Applied Physics, University of Tübingen
  • Katrin Kneipp Berlin
  • Dietrich RT Zahn Technische Universität Chemnitz Chemnitz Sachsen
  • Pierre-Michel Adam University of Technology Troyes
  • Teresa Isabel Madeira Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
  • Alfred J. Meixner Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen



Meta-review, Library Research, Scoping Review


This paper describes a library-based project involving the library staff at the Institute of Technology Carlow (ITC), in a collaboration led by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), Action MP1302 Nanospectroscopy. The project uses a comprehensive scoping methodology, an Advanced Scoping Meta-Review (ASMR), to identify significant topics in an emergent subject area; Optical Nanospectroscopy. An agreed mapping of the subject is derived in order to deliver a pedagogically coherent structure for a three-volume textbook set intended primarily for Early Stage Researchers (ESR). The review process is based on some earlier scoping methodologies, but is devised for a project involving a large number of individuals collaborating in authorship of the textbooks.

A description of the scoping process is given, noting both the specific work in searching for and retrieving the appropriate literature, the qualitative and quantitative analysis and ordering of the search results, and placing the meta-review in the wider context of the editorial process to develop the Nanospectroscopy textbooks.

The meta-review is employed in a special way in order to map an emergent subject area for the purpose of textbook development, rather than the more traditional use of such reviews to answer specific research questions. The importance of the library-led searching which underpinned this activity is emphasised.  The successful outcome of this process resulting in agreement on the detailed content of three volumes is discussed. The paper ends with a critical evaluation of the lessons that can be drawn from this project.


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Author Biographies

Simon Perry, Institute of Technology Carlow

Currently Systems Librarian at the Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland, previously employed in academic and public libraries in the Uk.

Teresa Isabel Madeira, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

TERESA ISABEL PICOTO PENA MADEIRA----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Profession : R&D Physics Engineer - Current Position : Guest Researcher @IBC-HZDR (Dresden, Germany) DOMAINS OF SPECIALIZATION: Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Physics and Technology / Fundamental and Applied Atomic Physics, Spectroscopy----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RESEARCH INTERESTS: 1. Physics and Technology of Radiations / 2. Visible, UV, X-Ray and Neutron optical components and detection devices / 3. Analogue and digital signal processing instrumentation / 4. NanoSci. and NanoTech.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEMBER/ COLLABORATOR: » COSTaction MP1302 on NanoSpectroscopy: WG3, WG4, MC Portugal / » Semiconductor Physics Group - Institut für Physik - Technische Universität Chemnitz: Development of scanning probe microscopy methods for near-field nano-optics / » XRFPI International Initiative on X-ray fundamental parameters, EG3: Theory & codes: competent use and update of existing software-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AFFILIATIONS: EPS - European Physical Society -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LECTURES: Physics and Technology of Radiations (Eng. Physics) / Atomic and Plasma Physics (Eng. Physics) / Experimental Physics-Basic Electronics (Eng.Informatics)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPERVISIONS: » PhD Thesis proposals: / » Master Thesis: "Experimental investigation of newly developed zeolite membranes for tritium process in the breeder blanket" - Rodrigo Antunes (Eng. Physics, 2014) / » Internship II: "First results on newly developed zeolite membranes", Rodrigo Antunes (Eng. Physics, 2014) / » Internship I: "PbO and PbF2 spectra characterization obtained with the HRHE-PIXE of CTN-IST" - Rodrigo Antunes (Eng. Physics, 2013) / » Project in Physics: "Simulation of X-ray spectra (basics)" - Eduardo Simões (Physics, 2013)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER ACTIVITIES: » Scientific dissemination/ » Scientific Reviewer of Physica Scripta T, in 2012 / » Scientific Reviewer of 8th grade School books, Physics: Light and Sound , LeYa Editors, 2014 / » Scientific Reviewer of 9th grade School books, Physics: Movement and Forces, LeYa Editors, 2015 / » Elected member for the Conseil d’École at Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, Sept2013 - Jun2014 / » Délégué de Classe GPE - Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, Sept2008 – Jun2014----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English (excelent), French (excelent), German (basic/technical knowledge), Spanish (good)



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Perry, S., McMillan, N. D., Rodriguez, R. D., Mackowski, S., Sheremet, E., Fleischer, M., Kneipp, K., Zahn, D. R., Adam, P.-M., Madeira, T. I., & Meixner, A. J. (2018). Novel advanced scoping meta-review methodology for defining a graduate level textbook in an emerging subject area. LIBER Quarterly: The Journal of the Association of European Research Libraries, 28(1), 1–20.



Received 2017-09-13
Published 2018-03-12